May 13, 2015

POP006: How to Approach Sales with Rob Fishman


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Rob Fishman is a partner at Sandler Training of Hauppauge, a Long Island-based consulting firm that specializes in sales and sales management process improvement. The Sandler Selling System, with over 250 other affiliates worldwide, is a no-nonsense sales method that gets results and preserves the sales professional’s self-respect.

Rob possesses a varied business and management background gained over 35 years in the business world. He holds a degree in Fine Arts and is a former President and CEO in the jewelry industry. After running a successful Long Island based business, Rob sold his company and joined forces with Rich Isaac at Sandler. In addition to his sales & client development training, coaching and consulting, Rob is also a Certified Facilitator and Coach for the Alternative Board, an international peer to peer business owner group, where he works directly with business owners and CEO’s. He is also a certified DISC trainer, specializing in the science of communication in business development and serves on the board of the Holocaust Museum of Nassau County. He is also an avid musical director and pianist, performing in the Metro NY area.

Rob lives in Huntington, Long Island, New York with his wife, Lisa, who is a Psychoanalyst. They have two adult sons, Ben and Alex

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Building value around your message
  • Self limiting beliefs around price
  • Sales isn’t about convincing someone to buy something, it’s about helping someone discover something
  • “The submarine in a sales transaction”
  • “Mind garbage”

Questions from the show:

The best places to find Rob Fishman:



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