October 26, 2015

Cloud-based Platforms for the Digital World: What Systems You Need to Know


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It’s the 21st Century. Technology is here and it’s everywhere. If your business isn’t interconnected, you’re doing something wrong. Although the financial services industry has been slow on the uptake, computer software companies with big ideas and smart technologies are starting to bypass traditional conventions.

To get your company to run seamlessly, it’s time to go digital. Cloud-based adoption for business is becoming more and more common, and for good reason. Operating online, rather than on a hard drive, makes accessing files and data processing available at anytime and anywhere. Not only is it easier to access on-the-go, but unifying your services onto one platform can also improve data analysis and reporting, monitor real-time budget changes, and forecast planning solutions to determine if you’re on the right track for the future.

Intrigued? Here are a couple software platforms that can give you a leg up in running your business…

Oracle: The second largest software maker after Microsoft. Besides selling software and hardware products, Oracle has several cloud services that range from financial management platforms to customer relationship services and human resource management. They can even get more industry specific with capabilities like retail industry merchandise management, price management, and demand forecasting. Basically, they can tell your company’s financial past, present and future. Now that’s something to get on board with.

SAP: From analytics technology and enterprise technology to mobile technology, SAP assists businesses in financial planning, operational services implementation, strategic and cloud operation management, and mobile application development programs. In a nutshell, SAP streamlines and supervises complex financial management so you don’t have to.

Worried about your data? While these platforms are based online, several services are owned and maintained by in-house financial teams, who oversee the daily proceedings. The human touch. What a relief.

Still unsure? Seek professional guidance and hire someone who knows the industry and the platforms. At AcceleratingCFO, we use our own financial technology implementation service to help you pinpoint the best and most cost effective tech solutions for your organization. Then we work with your IT team to implement it in the most profitable way possible. As veterans of the financial industry, our CFO consultants are well versed in Oracle and SAP’s offerings, but we also have experience working with several other cloud-based business systems. Give us a call if things are still fuzzy. We’re here to support you.

Using technology can help your new business maintain relevancy in this hyper-connected age. Whatever route you do decide to choose, make it a priority to implement technology services into your business. It’s in your best interest.

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