January 06, 2016

Customer Solutions


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Business is business. And we’re all doing it. Here at AcceleratingCFO, we like our clients to be different — unique, if you will. And so our outsourced CFO company looks for businesses that are willing to make an impact and ignite change.

But we’re not the only ones looking for this kind of mindset. Today, the more your company stand outs, the better. So how do you make your mark?

To start, here’s a hint (a really big hint): Don’t follow the pack. In order to be an innovator, you need to know what’s next before it happens. And as an entrepreneur, that means coming up with a solution (or solutions) that no one else has thought of.

Yes, we know this is a big undertaking. But you’re an entrepreneur, just like us. And innovation is in our blood.

So what can you do to really set yourself apart from the rest?

In order to be the next big thing, you can’t just rely on a new idea. You need to understand how this idea will help others. If you’re working with consumers, you need to pay attention to their needs. Or if you’re company works with businesses, you need to look at the holes in the system. Ask yourself: where can I make a difference? How can I fill this need?

These questions (and more) encapsulate the term, “customer solutions.” Now, as we mentioned above, a customer solution doesn’t only apply to consumers. It also involves B2B transactions, client to company relationships, and more. You’ll have to solve problems in every business, no matter the industry. So it’s in your best interest to read on…

Customer solutions are the business term for an elementary lesson: problem-solving. Back in the day, we learned from our teachers that the best solutions were the simple ones. Take for example, algebra: even the most complex equations almost always required you to find “x”. Like algebra, people are looking for a basic fix to solve every day problems. Let’s look at some real-world examples…

Businesses that make their own way in the world are intent on making people’s lives easier. And most of the time, these solutions are quite simple. To name just a few, Uber, AirBnB, and Apple Pay all are in the business of customer solutions. With a touch of a button, we can order a car, pay for our dinner, and order a room without having to take our wallets out of our pockets.

The companies mentioned above created a simple solution for an everyday problem. But simple doesn’t mean the easy way out. There can be plenty of work on the back end (on your end), but the solution should be pretty straightforward for the customer – it should require minimal effort on their end.

So what are some of the solutions people need? Well, it’s up to you to decide. There are many good ideas out there, but yours can be one of the great ones. Fill the need that people don’t even know they have, and you’ll be well on your way.

Are you prepared to handle the biggest challenges faced by business owners?

Don’t get blindsided by problems that other talented leaders have already solved.

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Hector Lozada, Professor of Economics at Seton Hall to survey business owners ranging from start-up founders to seasoned CEOs. What came out of it is a cheat sheet for sidestepping the roadblocks, bottlenecks, and challenges that plague your colleagues and competitors.

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