December 17, 2015

Quality vs. Quantity


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Remember that saying you heard your mother and father repeat over and over (and over) again when you were a child? Quality over quantity? Well, your parents weren’t just talking about eating good food. This mantra is also essential to remember in business.

At AcceleratingCFO, we’re don’t just provide CFO services. We also offer advice on how to run your business and get the best bang for your buck. And, if you didn’t listen to what your parents had to say, take it from us: striving for quality instead of quantity is important for succeeding in the business world.

Now, we’re not saying that you should limit your business’s potential by choosing one area of focus. But what we are saying is to focus your attention on a few capabilities that can make an impact. With the influx of information at our fingertips, there isn’t a lack of content. However, there is a lack of good content. So don’t get caught up in the noise – instead, focus on what your good at. The world needs less people doing everything and more people excelling at their skillsets. And if you are able to produce something of quality rather than quantity, you’ll give your company an edge in an over-saturated world.

And quality doesn’t just apply to content. It also translates to products and services. Creating and providing top-of-the-line products may increase manufacturing costs, but it saves you money in the long-run. Customers expect their purchases to live up (and past) warrantees, so delivering a quality product (or service) at the outset will lower your chances of running into issues down the line.

And finally, quality is crucial to customer service. The point of sale isn’t the only interaction you should have with your customers. You need to nurture your relationship before, during, and after the transactional process. This will not only create brand loyalty, but will also increase your chances of attracting new clients and customers.

So take note of what your parents drilled into your head when you were younger. Quality doesn’t just apply to the food we choose to eat. Becoming a quality service provider has long-lasting benefits for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

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