Take a Meeting Poolside by Brian CalifanoMany of us remember chanting, “School’s out for summer!” We all knew there were lazy days just ahead.

Although there is no official “break” in the workplace, the summertime is still utilized to recharge. The intensity of the day-to-day lessens, and the summer months provide a great time to evaluate current and future goals:

  • Have the goals set in January been achieved?
  • What progress has been made so far?
  • Are the goals still applicable? Or have they changed?
  • Do we need to modify the direction of the business?
  • Do tasks need to be updated or revised? If so, then how?

Perhaps the direction that you thought you were heading in has shifted. Maybe there’s a new trend that you’re noticing in your business or a new phenomenon that you need to adjust to.

What does all of this mean for you and your business in this second half of the year?

This might sound like a lot to think about during your downtime and when the livin’ is easy. Here are some suggestions for ways to focus on the three Rs of the workplace (the adult version of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic).

  1. Reach out and Reconnect: Summertime is perfect for getting together with suppliers, vendors, and colleagues. Moreover, there are opportunities to reconnect with referral partners as well as make connections with new contacts. What is better than having a buddy next to you at the beach?
  2. Read: Non-business sources, like self-improvement books, biographies, etc. can help to realign your thinking and evoke new ideas and thoughts.
  3. Results: There is still time to make a financial impact on the second half of the year. Choose your action steps wisely and methodically to be results-oriented. Ditch the rest.

Take-away: Don’t assume that nobody is around over the next three months. It’s important to stay persistent in your strategy and execution. Continue to meet with clients. Ensure that people are still thinking about you. And schedule some meetings (especially at the pool).

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Brian Califano & Scott MargolinBrian Califano

Scott Margolin

Co-founders & Managing Partners


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