December 18, 2015

The Key to Self-Employed Success


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Self-employment comes with the freedom to make your own choices, establish your own rules, and determine your own career trajectory. And while this freedom may come with flexible options and the ability to take time into your own hands, it also comes with a heavy burden: your income, salary, and general livelihood now rest upon your own shoulders.

But don’t stress — this is one of the reasons why you left your boring corporate job in the first place! As we’ve said before, with great power comes great responsibility. And did we mention confidence? As an entrepreneur, one of most important things you can do for yourself is let go of your doubts and learn to trust yourself.

Trust comes in many forms, but first and foremost, it comes with the belief in yourself. Let’s start with a confidence booster, shall we? First, you’re doing something that most people wouldn’t even dream of: going off on your own — and having the drive, confidence and willpower to leave a steady job — is an incredible feat. So know that you are more than capable of handling what life throws at you, including business curveballs.

And on that note, trust that you are going to make an impact in whatever field you decide to pursue. Your ideas are only as strong as your confidence in them: so don’t forget to present them with conviction.

Trust also involves relationships. Though this may seem obvious, you need to trust your employees. You should look at them as your team, not just staff. These are the people who are helping your company reach its full potential. And if you don’t have faith in them, you’re stifling your business’s present and future growth…so find the individuals who are working with you, not for you. You’ll know when you see them. (Hint: these are the people willing to put forth their best effort and energy day in and day out).

Relationships don’t just end in-house. At AcceleratingCFO, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships our CFO consultants build with our clients.  Your company’s growth rests on your connections, so the relationships you nurture beyond your office walls are just as important as the ones you are building inside. Make their business your priority, go above and beyond their asks, and make an effort to display your company’s strengths each and every time you work with them. Remember, providing quality material will make them come back for more.

While going off on your own may seem daunting, the key to success is trust: trust in your team, your clients, and in yourself. If you have that, you’ve already won half the battle.

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