The Prophets of Profit: Uncovering Your Emotional Intelligence With Alexander Hamilton Dunlop by Brian CalifanoWe were lucky to speak with perhaps our most enlightened guest to date, Alexander Hamilton Dunlop. Alexander is a Strategic Advisor, Guide and Life Coach who brings more than 20 years of professional coaching and consulting experience to his position as Founder and Director of the New York City-based Life Elevated.

A charismatic speaker and workshop leader who provides life-changing counsel to clients located on six continents, Alexander is acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on the spiritual tool known as the Book of Life. He powerfully guides people towards the fullest expression of who they are by creating an alignment and integration between their human and divine aspects and merging life and spiritual destinies as divined by their individual birth dates.

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The Book of Life – What’s Your Birth Card?

The coaching industry is vast, and while there are many experienced and legitimate coaches out there like Alexander, there are unqualified people in the mix too. How does Alexander qualify himself as a legitimate and effective coach, and how does he stand out amongst the other qualified coaches?

Using his many years of education and experience, Alexander has developed his own unique system, which uses a deck of playing cards to help us understand our emotional intelligence: The Book of Life. The Book of Life provides a personality profile, similar to more well known systems like DiSC and Myers-Briggs, without the survey and self-assessment components. You receive a mathematical readout of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you interact with other people and what type of person you work well with.

Alexander’s method offers people perspectives and tools that fall outside of the usual ABCs of business coaching. It helps push people through obstacles that they may not have been aware of. By providing people with applicable information about themselves, Alexander’s coaching can save people time and aggravation and provide the recipe for future successes.

Emotional Intelligence

According to Alexander, emotional intelligence is the center of everything. It informs our decision making ability–to not only make the right decisions, but also the ability to not worry and stress about the act of doing so. Alexander helps people discover their own unique way of decision making, allowing people to push themselves and their goals forward!

Making the Skeptics Believe

When we first sat down, Scott took on the role of the dubious skeptic–he questioned how this coaching could be effective and why a person who’s struggling internally would go to a coach instead of a psychologist or behavior therapist. Alexander explained that his clients specifically don’t want to go to therapy. His approach differs in that it is not based on the premise that there’s something wrong with any of his clients. He’s simply identifying their strengths and weaknesses to help them make better business decisions.

How much are you worth?

We had a question from a listener who is having a difficult time monetizing an idea.

We can all relate to this issue. It is hard to monetize ideas since they’re not tangible, so it often comes down to evaluating personal value. When people start to assess their self-worth, they often lack confidence and cheapen or lessen their value.

Alexander’s approach operates on the idea that you are equipped with the ability to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Ideas are valuable. Knowledge is power. Try to look at it within the context of your value. Will your idea bring value to your clients? Don’t be afraid to put a price on that value and then develop that value in the minds of the clients so they can clearly see what they’re getting.

How do we keep distractions at bay?

We had another listener looking for advice on daily rituals that he could utilize to help him with his poor time management skills.

Time management is always an issue. Time is our inventory. When we’re spending our day doing administrative work, clients are not charged. Part of what we preach at AcceleratingCFO is to focus on what you do best; everything else, outsource to others.

It is important for people to find a system that works for them. For example, Scott establishes certain times for specific activities (check emails at this time, make phone calls at that time, etc.) Brian sets boundaries. At nighttime, he will not respond to texts or emails. If he does, it will set the expectation that he always will.

Alexander stops work at 10 pm–no matter what he’s doing. If he didn’t have that time set, he could easily work until midnight or later every day. If he did that, then he wouldn’t have the time to properly decompress and will end up going to sleep too late, leading to a bad start to the next day.

The New Year is a great time to take a step towards a better you! If you want to know what your birth card is and learn more from Alexander’s wisdom, you can contact him here.

Click here to listen to our entire conversation with Alexander Hamilton Dunlop.

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