July 15, 2015

POP012: Turning your Passion into a Business with Michael Prichinello & Zac Moseley


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Zac Moseley is cofounder of Classic Car Club Manhattan, a classically trained lighting designer and an operations wizard. Zac is also the go-to guy for the automotive press worldwide. His insights on cars, car culture and consumer perception is requested by manufacturers and media properties alike. Zac’s design acumen has lead to the popularity of new driving genres, such as vintage Broncos and M2 BMWs and his business management skills have created over $30 million of CCC revenue.

Mike Prichinello is cofounder of Classic Car Club Manhattan and acts as their creative director – In his spare time, Mike has been a seasoned marketing communications gun for hire. Mike has helped shaped a number of brands, including Barnes & Noble, Meridian Audio, David Yurman, Amazon and others. Mike is co-author of a book put out by Bloomberg Press’ titled Full Frontal PR was named one of PR Week’s “Hot Properties” as founder of Modern Message, a 13-year old PR firm that will fold into TheNINETY –a brand new creative marketing firm focused on the Automotive industry. Mike is also CCC’s creative director and is an avid Motorcyclist…

Together, they are race car drivers for Team Triple C racing and are co-hosts of “After /drive” on /Drive TV. Their videos have generated more than 4,000,000 views in the last year alone and have set the market for air-cooled Porsche 911’s and Acura NSX’s… They have influenced countless automobile purchases and helped introduce brands to new, prospective buyers. Most importantly, they have curated life changing experiences for the members of the club.

For this episode, we didn’t record from our normal location. We actually recorded from 1963 Airstream!

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Doing things differently—different than everyone else
  • How to turn a passion into a business
  • Staying true to the roots of your passion
  • Giving your customers an experience they can’t get on their own
  • Your brand isn’t up to you—it’s what people think of you
  • How important is customer service?
  • How to discover and create value
  • The benefits of using a subscription model in your business

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