April 26, 2015

POP004: Building a Passion into a Successful Business with Phil Auerbach


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Phil Auerbach is the founder and CEO of Golf Coach Direct, which is a proprietary, patented, live online teaching community. They have developed a live professional golf instruction platform to try to help people enjoy the game more. Golf Coach Direct is a community where teachers and students are brought together in a live video conferencing learning environment in real time where instructors can connect with students one on one in a private lesson setting.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Building a passion into a successful business
  • Outsourcing your business’s key functions
  • When it’s time to outsource and choosing what to outsource
  • The tipping point where you have to let go of control
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition

Questions from the show:

  • Dustin Stout, owner of dustn.tv
  • Lindsey Petersen (social media expert)

The best places to find Phil Auerbach:



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