December 01, 2015

Mastering work-life balance


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We’ve already talked about managing your time, filtering out the distractions, and stepping back, but as a business owner, it’s hard to give yourself space and time away from your business. At AcceleratingCFO, we know that there are countless responsibilities you need to attend to, but giving yourself attention is also extremely important.

And we’re not just talking about breaks. We’re talking about balancing your time at home and at work. You know, that buzzword “work-life balance.” Is there even such a thing anymore? Well, we like to think so. Though it may be hard to step away entirely, here are a few tricks to help balance it all—not only for your own well-being, but for your business’s as well.

Take breaks

We’ve talked about this. But it’s time to make it a priority. Take breaks and turn off work, if only for a little. This is your time to re-energize and refresh before getting back to the grind. So take your lunch break – and do something in that time for yourself. Go to your favorite lunch spot or sign up for a 30-minute gym class. And don’t feel guilty. Everyone deserves a break. Even the boss.

Set boundaries

Nobody wants their evenings sucked up by work. If you want to leave the office by 6 p.m. every day, you can make that a reality. Obviously there are going to be some days when this isn’t possible, but those can be the exceptions, not the norm. So start by setting boundaries: let your team know that you have to leave by 6 p.m. tonight. If anything needs to be reviewed, give them a mid-to-late afternoon deadline. By setting expectations and standards for yourself and for your team, you give yourself the opportunity to create your own schedule. You shouldn’t be in the office until 11 p.m. if you don’t have to be.

Work on the weekends

Listen, I’m not saying you need to spend your whole weekend working, but give yourself some time on the weekend to get yourself on track for the next week. Plan to get up early Saturday morning or set aside an hour on Sunday afternoon to plan your goals for the week ahead. Determine what is important, what needs to get done, and, if possible, get a couple of small assignments out of the way so Mondays become more manageable. You’ll feel better about the week ahead, go into the coming days with less stress, and be able to leave the office earlier during the weekdays.

Remember, your life outside of work shouldn’t be put on the backburner because you are trying to run a business. And even though we’ve all turned digital, you shouldn’t feel obligated to work 24/7. Staying healthy and happy is crucial to balancing work and your personal life. So create a business schedule that work with your life, not against it.

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