April 01, 2015

Opening Blog Post


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“In order to take over the island you need to burn the boats.” — Tony Robbins

Welcome to the inaugural blog of AcceleratingCFO! This is where we will be writing our thoughts, opinions and facts about entrepreneurs, small and medium sized business and how current events are impacting them. We believe that entrepreneurs and dreamers built the foundation of this nation and we here at AcceleratingCFO are focused on becoming the best accounting and consulting company that services this market.   We are here to serve you and help you get to where you want to be … FASTER!

This quote from Tony Robbins summarizes what pushed us to start this company. Robbins goes on to explain that until you have that urgency, the desire, the “no prisoners” attitude to make your dreams a reality there will always be an excuse not to do what you were created to do.

 “I have too much to lose”
“What if the venture fails?”
“I think I can do it, but if I had more money/time/contacts”
“I’m too old – if only I had thought of this twenty years ago”
“I’m too young – but I will definitely do it in five years”

Sound familiar? It does to us. We were using these and other excuses not to do what we really wanted to do but were too scared to do it. We finally reached the point in our lives where we decided to burn the boats that got us here and make our new company work. It will succeed because we have left no other option but to succeed.

It is an honor and privilege to meet you virtually and thank you for reading this blog! We will be using this blog as a way to communicate my opinions and thoughts impacting the world of entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses. I also want to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs to respond and comment on my viewpoints as we know that we are not always right or might have a different perspective than some of you might have. I want this to be an open dialogue so that we can learn and grow professionally, emotionally and spiritually.

Keep smiling!

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