December 25, 2015

What the Open Office Environment Can Do For You


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Many offices come equipped with countless cubicles, several single-occupancy offices, and the big corner office. But more and more companies are transitioning to large, open spaces that encourage collaboration and communication. These open-floor plans have not only changed the way we work, but also have changed our perception of work – and in most cases, it’s for the better. My team has experienced many office environments, but our outsourced CFOs thinks that these open offices are some of the best places to get work done: so I’m here to tell you why.

First off, the open office environment improves collaboration. Your team is actively seeing each other at work throughout the day, eliminating the need to knock on closed doors. In addition, the open floor plan eliminates the physical hierarchy of closed office spaces and improves relationships between senior level and junior level staff. Which also means more open dialogue between levels.

But what if you do need some time to cut out the noise? Many open offices also offer small rooms that you can reserve so you can get down to business without distractions. That way, you can still get some time to yourself.

Secondly, open floor plans are great because they allow more opportunity to move around. And we all know the benefits of getting up on your feet. Plus, since many open offices use laptops or portable devices, you’ll be able to get up and take your work with you, wherever it may be.

In addition, an open office also gives you the ability to change scenery. In other words, you are able to change locations and pick a new “desk” every day. Not interested in moving around so much? Well, here’s some research on why you should: we hear that switching your daily routine has improved people’s moods, perspectives, and even productivity levels.

Here at AcceleratingCFO, we think there are many benefits to working in an open office. Better ability to collaborate, improved well-being, and so much more. If you can, see if an open office is right for you.

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