April 04, 2015

Turn Fear to Cheer


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“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Fear can either be a great motivator for what you are trying to accomplish or it can demotivate and prevent you from becoming who you want to be or what you want to accomplish. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to be afraid of doing something that you have not done before or have failed to achieve previously, but it is not OK to have that fear paralyze you. The primary determinant for letting your fear catapult or paralyze you is whether you are an optimistic or pessimistic person.

The optimist uses fear to get him or herself moving in the right direction to accomplish their goals. All of the great leaders – whether it is business, politics, sports or any other function you can think of – have channeled their insecurity to ignite the passion they needed to be victorious. Here are common thoughts that come from leaders with success:

“I won’t take no for an answer”
“I hate losing”
“I know I can do this and if I can’t I will figure it out”
“This is too important an issue for me – I must do something”

The common theme throughout these statements is that it is based in positive thoughts and the positive outcome in mind. Let’s compare it to a negative attitude that some of you (never me!) may go through when you are at a crossroads:

“He/She said no so what else can I do?”
“It’s not really a loss since I couldn’t win anyway, right?”
“I haven’t been told I can do this”


Because of the lack of confidence you have while performing the specific task you have, you will end up failing more often than not. For my fellow sports fans, this is what goes through your mind before you “choke” during a critical time in a ballgame. By allowing negative thoughts to pervade your mind, you will strikeout with the bases loaded or miss that last second shot. So stop watching the news and the negative headlines it brings, be grateful for the accomplishments that you have made thus far and decide that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Keep Smiling!

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