Top 10 Things We Are Thankful For by Brian Califano As we approach our ten year anniversary, we have learned a lot about entrepreneurs, small business owners, and what it takes to successfully run a business. David Letterman, the well-known late night host, used to have a segment on his show called The Top 10 List. Since he left in 2015, we think it’s time to bring that back and provide AcceleratingCFO’s Top 10 Lists of things we have noted over the past ten years. The next series of posts will be a tribute to both our clients and colleagues as well as an acknowledgment of our ten year anniversary in February 2024.


#10: The United States of America: This country was founded on the premise that anyone can earn a successful living through hard work, determination, and dedication to service. We are proud to live in a country where what we do helps business owners create jobs, helps families take care of loved ones, and helps people pursue their dreams. We are grateful for freedom and an economic system gives the opportunity to positively impact others. 

#9: Vendors: We can’t do what we do without those that help us take care of our core needs and business processes. From our marketing initiatives to our insurance providers and everyone in-between, we consider you a valued partner that is instrumental to our success. 

#8: Business: When we started this business almost ten years ago, we did it on a wing and a prayer. We stopped working our W2 jobs and threw ourselves into this entrepreneurial world of which we knew very little about. However, through a lot of hard work and the faith of those around us, we have been able to make AcceleratingCFO the premier advisory company in the SMB community. It was never easy, but it has definitely been rewarding — and for that we will be eternally grateful. 

#7: Health: Simply put, we are thankful for waking up and having a passion to do what we do. We are blessed beyond words to have the physical and mental dexterity to handle all aspects of our job — and we are honored to do so. 

#6: Professional Journey: As the expression goes, it takes several years to become an overnight success. In our case, we have decades of combined experience working alongside the best financial executives at Fortune 500 companies. There are simply too many mentors and bosses to express our gratitude to; and without their guidance and counsel, we would not be the senior finance executives we are today. 

#5: Readers of our Blog: Over the years that we’ve been writing our articles and newsletter, we are always amazed at the feedback and the engagement of our people. We really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness — thank you for choosing us as a source of SMB knowledge. We realize many people write about entrepreneurial topics. Your loyalty to us is never forgotten, and it is what keeps us passionate about refining our approach to helping business owners reach their fullest potential. 

#4: Colleagues: They say it takes a village. In our world, it may take a little more than a village to do what we do. We have many referral partners and service providers who not only provide us with future clients, but also help us solve some of our clients’ needs or financial issues. So to all our colleagues in various fields, law, finance, insurance, technology, IT, marketing, and more, we are thankful that you are part of our inner circle. 

#3: Employees/Contractors: To our entire AcceleratingCFO team, we would not be able to do what we do without your help and guidance. You embody what AcceleratingCFO stands for: financial leadership mixed with expertise and humility. There could never be enough words to thank you for all you have done over the past few years — please know we are incredibly blessed to be in the fox hole with you. 

#2: Clients: We are always very grateful for our clients that place the financial functions of their companies in our hands. We never take for granted that there are lots of choices out there — you choose us because we provide the best value for your business. We never forget that, without our clients’ trust, there is no AcceleratingCFO. 

#1: Family: All entrepreneurs put in the hours that we do to make an impact and provide our loved ones with a sense of security. Because of this commitment, there are many nights that we don’t tuck our kids into bed or miss family events in order to achieve our company’s mission. All that we do we do for our families — and without them we are nothing. 

Take-away: If you are looking for a Fractional CFO or wondering what a Fractional CFO does, please contact us at


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