January 12, 2016

Why Deadlines Are Important


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In a dream world, we’d all be able to get our work done on time, right? Procrastination wouldn’t exist: we’d be able to finish our projects in a timely manner and we’d have more time to go out and experience life.

But that’s only in a dream world, right?

Wrong! Here at AcceleratingCFO, we’ve come up with a few foolproof ways to help improve your commitment to deadlines. So check out our list below, where we’ve compiled a few ways to trick yourself (and your teammates) to get work done on time.

To start, you need to know why you (or your client) have come up with a deadline. Is there an upcoming event or product launch? If so, let your team know. Even better? Keep them in the loop with client conversations. Set up a group email thread so team members know their contributions are just as important to you as they are to the client. A group email will also show where the asks are coming from and will give you another authority echoing your projected deadlines.

Next, you need to know what this deadline means for the greater whole. This project is a piece of the larger puzzle, so it’s best that you inform your team of its significance. Plus, people are more motivated to contribute when they see the bigger picture. And more motivation means greater results.

And finally, when you set a deadline, give a specific day and time. A vague stop date like “sometime on Friday” gives people less incentive to proactively start a project. So make a definitive deadline. And after you’ve done so? Make sure you check-in with your team to see how they are progressing through. While it may not be great to sneak up on them (hey, we don’t know your management style!), just let them know you’ll be checking in throughout the week to see how the project is going.

As you can see, it’s not so much “tricking,” but incorporating these habits into your daily routine. When you give your teammates (and yourself) a sense of greater purpose, you’ll see just how that impacts productivity levels. And trust us: you won’t be disappointed.

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