Book Review – The LOOOOOOONG Game Regular readers of our blog know that, as avid readers, we occasionally recommend books that lend solid advice on how to achieve entrepreneurial dreams and what steps to take to get there. These readers also know that one of our favorite business authors and management consultants is Dorie Clark. (If you want to listen to our Prophets of Podcast podcast with Dorie, click here). So when Brian found out that Dorie was publishing a new book, he immediately put his name down on the pre-order list so that he could catch up on her latest thoughts and insights.

Dorie’s new book is titled The Looooong Game – How to Be a Long-Term Thinker In A Short Term World. And he is to tell you that it did not disappoint. The book is full of great tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are trying to figure out how to achieve their biggest dreams.  There are a lot of great ideas, thoughts, and strategies identified throughout the book, and he strongly recommends all business people read it in its entirety.  And if you are one of the millions of people out there who are working for a company but wish that you were able to start your own business, there are plenty of motivational nuggets for you to digest and action steps to implement. It is also a “quick” read – Dorie’s style of writing lends itself to the busy executive, combining her personal experiences with other relatable stories from colleagues and friends..

There were so many valuable ideas and strategies throughout the book that are worth sharing. However, Brian has identified his top three “nuggets” that really resonated with him:  

Nugget #1 – Devote 20% of your time to doing new things

Trying new things, like learning a language or how to develop computer code, offers many benefits.  Doing so enables us to  consistently challenge ourselves to expand our range of thinking — and doing so helps our business, personal, and overall life decisions. 

Nugget #2 – Network strategically and methodically

When we join clubs or sign up for a seminar, we should really set our mind to meeting and introducing ourselves to the right people that will enhance our current strengths or enable us to expand our client base. Relationships are a two-way street, and we should seek to provide value to our new contacts in order to forge a mutually beneficial relationship.

Nugget #3 – Keep Chopping Wood

It takes a lot of time, patience, and persistence to become an “overnight sensation.” In order to become a recognized expert in your field or industry, it can take several years of consistently writing on topics and speaking with others about the value you bring. It is easy to get discouraged or ask yourself if it is worth it, but anything worth achieving is worth fighting for. When you write down your goals and aspirations, it is important to maintain that focus and not let short-term failures prevent you from achieving long-term victories.

There are lots of great insights in this book, and these three nuggets are just a few of the thoughts that I had while reading it.  I enjoy all of Dorie’s books, but this book is especially poignant given the times that we are living in.  This book reminds us that we sometimes have to endure some short-term pain or perhaps some self-doubt in order to reach our fullest potential.  It is only through continually challenging ourselves, being strategic in expanding our network and consistently taking steps to achieve our goals that we will be able to achieve our long term objectives.

Key Takeaway: Brian and Scott strongly recommend that you go to your favorite bookstore or online retailer and purchase Dorie Clark’s new book The Long Game

Brian Califano & Scott MargolinBrian Califano

Scott Margolin

Co-founders & Managing Partners


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