Summer Reading Checklist by Brian CalifanoEvery year since we began writing this blog, we have shared summer reading (and listening) recommendations. Summertime calls us to take some time to relax by the water, soak in the nice weather, and enjoy reading a few good books. Many of us, myself included, enjoy a wide range of genres, from business-focused books to fiction. 

We’re happy to share our summer 2023 list designed to help you decompress and perhaps provide an insightful thought or two!

2023’s Recommendations:

      1. Getting to Neutral by Trevor Moawad: Written by the well-known coach whose clients include Russel Wilson and his wife/pop singer Ciara, this book explores how to address negativity and adversity in your life. The concept of getting to neutral teaches you how to ensure that your emotions do not override your ability to objectively view your performance. Learn how to thrive without dwelling on the negative. 
      2. Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman: This is an interesting book which explores how to adopt changes in your lifestyle that will help you not only live longer but also minimize common maladies that many face with age. 
      3. Atomic Habits by James Clear: A fantastic checklist that allow you to ensure that you’re operating your life and your business at peak levels This book truly showcases how repetitive tasks and discipline help you achieve both business and personal goals. 
      4. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien: Perhaps the best series of books ever written — enough said!
      5. All Titles by Stephen King: Just because! (Brian’s personal favorite is Pet Sematary)

Always in Vogue:

We also like to revisit colleague and friend Dorie Clark’s books as often as possible. Enjoy any or all of her books:

The Long Game, Entrepreneurial You, and Stand Out by Dorie Clark

We value our down time, and we also recognize that relaxing and learning are not mutually exclusive. This summer’s recommendations are great ways to stimulate the mind, keep up to speed with trends and techniques, and enjoy recharging.  

Takeaway: Ensure that your brain is active during these summer months by staying physically, mentally, and spiritually engaged. Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading. Please share any books that you’d like to recommend with us at

Brian Califano & Scott MargolinBrian Califano

Scott Margolin

Co-founders & Managing Partners


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