When It's Time to Change by Brian Califano“The only constant in life is change.”- Heraclitus

Over the almost ten years that we have been working with entrepreneurs and business owners, AcceleratingCFO has helped clients train their performance mindsets — transforming both their businesses and their lives. As a result, it’s not uncommon for us to end up on a completely different path than we originally intended. And for most of us, change is not always easy to accept. But, as the quote reminds us, business owners and entrepreneurs must be prepared to, not only undergo change, but embrace and maximize its value.  

How do senior finance executives and business owners deal with change in their company and marketplace? Here’s how: 

      1. Find Your People: A few months ago, we talked about how business owners should have key resources available to them to help make significant decisions (view article here). The one or two people that are closest to you, either as business colleagues or as friends, will usually provide a perspective that will help you acknowledge and implement the changes necessary to survive and thrive. 
      2. Become Self-Aware: We all have our strengths and weaknesses — and a by-product of these are blind spots. It is important to understand what it is that makes you successful, and more importantly, what is missing that you need to add to your management team or product offerings in order to make progress. Whether it is taking a personality quiz (Meyers Briggs, Enneagram, etc.) or having a business coach drill into your “why”, you need to find your motivation and passion to fuel the energy required to transform your business successfully. 
      3. Deal with Stress: There is no one right answer for this; but, most, if not all, physical woes can be traced to stress. The effects of stress can have a big impact on your physical and mental well-being. Whether you find a place of mindfulness or participating in physical activity, such as jogging or weightlifting, the endorphins released during these activities will help clear any obstacles that preclude you from moving forward. 
      4. Stay Grateful: No matter how big the change in your life, it can always be worse. It is always important to stay positive and remember all the things that you sometimes take for granted: health, wealth, family, our way of life, and our standard of living. Most self-help books will emphasize the importance of writing down three to five things that you are truly grateful for, either at the start or end of your day. Focusing on what you have, instead of where you are headed, will help you create the path underneath your feet. 

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Embracing your chance to evolve will ultimately make you a stronger and better person.  

Take-away: If you are ready to change how you manage your finance and accounting functions in your business, reach out to us at info@acceleratingcfo.com

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