How Can the Solar Eclipse Help Your Business? by Brian CalifanoUnless you’ve been under a rock, you know that the solar eclipse happened on Monday, April 8th. And much like navigating the business world, viewing this cosmic event required planning and risk mitigation.

Here are the salient lessons that also translate to our businesses:

        1. View Your Financial Results with a Filter: Just as you needed ISO-certified sunglasses to view the eclipse as it happens, you need a neutral advisor to help interpret your financial performance. One thing that Fractional CFOs provide is his or her wealth of experience combined with emotional detachment. We can clearly see where your company is — and more importantly, where it is headed. If you don’t have a financial expert providing unbiased feedback on your company’s performance, you might end up getting “burned” from a blind spot that you can’t anticipate.
        2. Use Empirical Data to Track Movement: Even though I am mathematically inclined, I am always amazed at how astronomers can calculate events months in advance. And similarly, when companies track their performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can see the trajectory of your company’s future performance. Estimates can always change upon current circumstances, but it is important to get a feel for where your company is trending — and if it’s on the right path. 
        3. Maintain Focus on the Things that Matter: If you’re like me, once the solar eclipse occurred, you put the special glasses in a drawer and went about your day, transferring energies to where they’re needed next. In the business world, we don’t have the luxury of stagnation. We must continue to focus, staying diligent in our data analyses and decision-making processes to do what’s best for the company. Times are constantly changing; yet if you have your eye on the prize, you will always have a good feel for both your industry and your core customer. 

It’s always a neat thing when you can sit back and marvel at some of the amazing things that happen here on Earth — dare I say miracles. And when you look at all the things you’ve accomplished, it’s OK to take a moment to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on a job well done. But don’t celebrate for too long — as entrepreneurs we know how important it is to keep striving for our company’s utmost potential. 

Take-away: If you find that your company is not performing at the level you expect, reach out to us at to get you business and cash flow back on track.

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